Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mentoring Eudyptula Challenge - 3 & 4

It is a long delay of writing this part of Eudyptula challenge of 3 and 4.

But I would like to continue this series till the end (upto 20th of challenge).

Today, I'll project two challenge together, as they ain't long or big and not really a part of programming or really working with kernel space. As it is task of 3 & 4, the task number 1 & 2, specially 2 is a pre-requisite. So, my assumption is, you have already finished the task 1 & 2 and now pursuing this task number 3 & 4.
As you've done the task 2, i.e., you've just build the custom kernel, you've sent your work, and received this line -  Congratulations on passing this task!

On task-3, first you are asked for do something on Kernel's Makefile, so that you'll be get little familiar with the kernel's compiling parameters. I hope you are already quite familiar with the Makefile stuff while doing the general C programming. In this task, you just need to change one variable inside the Makefile, so some changes will be visible at your compiled kernel binary.

Next, you need to make a patch file for the changes you've made at the Makefile. If incase you don't know what patch file is, have a look at patch file wiki.

At the end, you need to send the patch file, the proof of commands output that shows you have successfully compiled and produced the desired kernel with that particular change. You may also send your bootloader configuration file to show you also correctly change the bootloader.

The task 4 is the easiest I think, just need to make some spacing, new line, and correct programming format. This coding style link will help you for this task and for every further minutes you will spent for computer programming in your life (specially C).

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