Sunday, November 30, 2014

Alors on danse !!!!

 How appropriate this song is with the thoughts and ideas of many of us.

I became quite a fan of French music and the language.

Includes getting the real flavor of French gentleman behavior. Scrolling to comments might not a good idea.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A short trip to Paris

It was more than seven months I was stuck at home, days and nights. So decide to go out from home, city, state or even country. Something I need new, charming, far (!) and ofcourse very cheap.

First thing for cheap travel is, you need a group, so I catch 3 more. All are my colleague at Uni, young, energetic and equally poor like me. As well its summer time, they all busy to collecting some money for winter ( kind of reptile principle). With my strong insist and threat, they give up one weekend for travel to beautiful and equally dirty / un-managed  city Paris.

Our plan was to get a mitfahrer ( a driver who kindly will drive us with very little money ) to Paris. It was very difficult to get one for 4 foreign people, and we didn't got any. Even an advertisement at mitfahrer brings no success. Now came second option - weekend ticket for Germany.

" You can buy Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket for 44 Euro valid from 00:00 to next day 03:00 (Sat & Sun) and able to travel round Germany with only Regional Train include S & U Bahn and I guess strassen Bahn (Tram)."

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Win Win Evening

As usual with others, I always fascinated to old books. Might it could happened, if I asked to choose between same book of an used or new - I'd choose the older one. Don't know but somehow get feelings as, books never gets old, or sharing others folded pages - sometimes very interesting notes. I can remember a book of shorts stories was fully covered all dictionary meaning of different words. I bet that was the English book I ever read swiftly. Still I often check dictionary of words, never felt better with any other books so easy reading to me.

Today on a monthly grocery shopping and little family timing, we were in Hambug, and on way back home with insist of my wife, was checking Stilbruch GmbH. However she rather encourage me, as there has some old, good, super computer stuff, which is as good as able to give me mild heart-attack.