Sunday, August 5, 2012

Food wishlist back on Home

Tomorrow flying to Home (Bangladesh) and last half year me & my friend were planning for a food adventure, which comes with few of below foods -

Kacchi Biriyani - Main choice is from Old Town ( Dhaka ), Fakhruddin & Jhigatala Sunami Restaurent.

Morog-Polao ( Rice with Cock ) - Choice are Khilgaon Railgate Vai-Vai Restaurant and Nanna Biriyani house - Becharam Deuri.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Learning language is an ART, and I don't have it. I'm more business-man, anti-establish thinker, engineer and something others than an artist.But German govt don't believe it, and don't want to believe that too. They force me to a MUSS ( must ) course to learn Deutsch(German language).

In the year 2006, I went to Goethe Institut, Dhaka - just with loved on Deutsch language. It should pronounce a name who bring me as Deutsch lover is - Syed Mujtaba Ali a German lover, multilingual, witty writer, multiple talent - and I don't how many salutation he deserved. Yes, he wrote and read a lots about German & Germany, made my imagination and eager to know them completely. So, I went Goethe Institut, Dhaka.

 They were costly on course fee, and I need to take advance salary from my office to cover the cost, start Wochenend Deutschkurs. It was so nice and funny with Herr Mehbub for A1, and I still can remember faces of my mates. A very young boy - whos father is living in Germany, An old man - who want to bring his child to Germany for medical treatment. University students, Private service holders, teacher and many others along with me (a title less one). We made fun all fri and sat, trying to pronounce hard and looong German words in unison, messing up the articles, and sure forgetting almost everything after leave our Klassenzimmer ( class room ). No matter, Herr Mehbub is still happy - and next class start again.

Unfortunately, it wasn't possible for me to continue through A2 and so on, whether Institut was unable to offer any course for Wochenend, and I need my bread & butter (Rice & Pulses) and there's is my end of first attempt of Deutschkurs.

Second time, again at Goethe Institut, Dhaka - to becoming more communicative with my wife (not married that time, but her english wasn't good enough) - and now its became commercial - I believe. There has no soul in class - teacher, a young boy laughing more than teach and students are took language class so seriously as its their final exam preparation coaching. So after 3/4 days - I left.

....... Will finish in next...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Male Circumcision [ A German verdict ] and my "filthy" Imagination

A regional court in Germany gave verdict, not to do circumcision, until a male became that adult till he is able to decide it.

After reading this news, I got an image flash on my mind in sudden, which about The Netherlands tried to stop all religious slaughter of animal.

Curious reader may - start itching their head to discover the relation. Don't worry, in a line - I just want to say, IN MY POINT OF VIEW and GUESS - both of these two verdict came just not knowing some particular information.

Increasing fear and hate-ism on Islam and Muslim in Europe[don't bother me asking USA / Canada etc; they are just nothing but extension version of Europe] one thing happened  by underhand; i.e. people start reading Islam, start comparing it, and sure increasing their other believe against or in favor on it.

So, I guess, the verdict was an ignorance of not only for Muslim male its compulsory to do circumcision but also Jews are include here, and naturally thus bring both parties in one line. And, as its truly proved on scientific point of view that circumcision is healthy - so another stone against court decision. Definitely, rights to do circumcision to a baby will get back to their parents.

But, I'm thinking of a book, subjected "Commons between Jews & Muslim" - what is the business perspectives of this ?

Germany - A land of corporate Fraud - 1

It was couple of experience with me in person - and let me to bring the subjected conclusion. Interested reader may compare with their experience. Today is my first experience.

1. A company named O2 - operating with proper noun - " Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG ". I've a prepaid SIM card from them (unfortunately I still have that, as the number given to many) which can be used for phone call and for INTERNET ( as the company claim ).

It was May '12 - 2011, I gave a blue-white Euro bank note ( 20 Euro ) to a O2 shop in Berlin HauptBahnhof for getting Internet [ 1 Gigabyte (german pronounce zigabyte) ] and get a printed paper back, written a code. However, the guy sitting behind the desk, don't know how to use that, and it need to check the flyer to get it known.

Alright, its  worked - only the code, not INTERNET. So, I ran to the shop and asked why? He took my mobile, try to check on his computer, and after few minutes - replied " It does take some time around 15/20 minutes ". - Sounds good, I checked a bakery - bought something, and pass 30 minutes to get the connection on. - NO LUCK.

Again ran back to the shop, after couple of check on computer and my mobile - he replied that, can't help me in this regards. He is to sell, and don't know how to use Internet on Mobile. Whole day - it not work, next day also not and never ever. [ Reader - please note, i've tried all settings it requried, i.e. APN, connection type etc ]