Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A MQTT application with QR code and OpenCV

Once a cake sent to us, bought back to package-center and next 2 days, as we were not able to pick it.
However at the same day we were rounding near by package-center for few times.

While get back home, it was late and 2 days later we'd a cake with feet-smell.

It often happen with us, delivery package from DHL/Post or others arrive, while nobody is at home. So at the evening, while back home, found the note from postman - either collect it from neighbour or report to postoffice / collection center.

However, it would be nice to know, as well saves time and effort, that a package was at my door. So, I can pick it while coming back home, if time allows.

For such scenario let me to grab the idea of building an automated system, so absent of recipient, postman will scan a QR code, with the camera attached with doorbell and bring the packet back to package collection center.

So how does it will work ?