Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mentoring Eudyptula Challenge - 3 & 4

It is a long delay of writing this part of Eudyptula challenge of 3 and 4.

But I would like to continue this series till the end (upto 20th of challenge).

Today, I'll project two challenge together, as they ain't long or big and not really a part of programming or really working with kernel space. As it is task of 3 & 4, the task number 1 & 2, specially 2 is a pre-requisite. So, my assumption is, you have already finished the task 1 & 2 and now pursuing this task number 3 & 4.
As you've done the task 2, i.e., you've just build the custom kernel, you've sent your work, and received this line -  Congratulations on passing this task!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Gold as Money with some scientific chatter

It was a medium quality evening, and as usual we were killing kings and lords* {all queens ain't Eli-II }(common task of every rendezvous).

Well, one of them - in zufall (accidentally!!!) got some good amount of money,
and worried (as we equally poor always do) whether will these money stay or even grow with its same buying capacity as now.
Usually due to read some of "conspiracy" theory and bit of a fan of anti-establishment, however also likes of bit of these and that - I'm for gold by far, and argue that nothing can replace gold against its buying power.

But one of us not agreeing and he put the stuff in scientific manner, as gold can be collected from everywhere, even it is possible to convert some other metal to gold through fusion technology. He put the example of ITER, where they are doing something like this. His example was, you can take a nearer metal of gold from periodic table and convert it with enough heat, pressure and some other stuff that you need to change the atomic form of that matter to gold.