Saturday, November 22, 2014

Win Win Evening

As usual with others, I always fascinated to old books. Might it could happened, if I asked to choose between same book of an used or new - I'd choose the older one. Don't know but somehow get feelings as, books never gets old, or sharing others folded pages - sometimes very interesting notes. I can remember a book of shorts stories was fully covered all dictionary meaning of different words. I bet that was the English book I ever read swiftly. Still I often check dictionary of words, never felt better with any other books so easy reading to me.

Today on a monthly grocery shopping and little family timing, we were in Hambug, and on way back home with insist of my wife, was checking Stilbruch GmbH. However she rather encourage me, as there has some old, good, super computer stuff, which is as good as able to give me mild heart-attack.

Well, we were in, it wasn't quite big and nothing, truly just nothing with computer or computer stuff. Absolutely ZERO. But I am quite happy,  - that got a good book - What I didn't expected of. Usually you won't get english books in Germany, and old book is somehow far beyond.

It is a Dictionary of World History from Chambers. Very interestingly this book is completely new, hard cover binding and clearly written £30.

We both were happy [kasse and me] at 5.50.

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