Saturday, September 20, 2014

Life in Germany - Berlin.

It was cold December in 2010 - first time i landed in Berlin, snowing, in someplaces it reaches till knee. A taxi-cum-van brings us to Metropolitan hostel from airport. At first sight of that hostel, i said it was used for military - doors were too high to see its peak in dark, too heavy to move for a general person, and the lift is in service from 1917.

But what attract me so much is, its wide wall, given a style as wall of castle - too wide, and hitting system - which is too weak to warm those old stone, carrying many cold experiences and sure passed thousands cold nights.

Can't remember where, but I broke my shoes outside. As said before it was snowing heavily, and holy white devil now became crazy to kiss my feet. They forcefully getting into my shoes to change their stage to liquid. Fortunately our hostel wasn't far and before my foot stop feeling I'm able to get in.

After buy a new shoes, we went out for foods, something spicy, gravy. "City Chicken" - a restaurant been suggestion from hotel reception boy, which my wife recognized something else, and start searching for a restaurant, which nobody ever heard. After rounding couple of times in the same street, a kind woman - took whole description of our wishes and point a big, lighted signboard named " City Chicken " - Just over the street.

It was cheap, big plate of 1/4 of a chicken, few khabuj (Arabian Bread), a bowl of french-fries, one plate salad, and a lot of sauces. All cost for one person 5.50 Euro. Water / Juice - you need to buy separate. You also might include Kebab with 2 Euro, so far I can remember.

We also went Berlin Zoo, called Zoologischer garten - where first time I've seen Giraffe and Elephant inside covered shelter. Ofcourse they've seen funny, as well I guess they are feeling funny too. My student card of Oulu University, Finland - gave me some concession to get in.

U-bahn station in winter in Berlin is quite a dirty, noisy and at night full of vagabond and drank people. I heard they also have groups, who often fight each other. Anyway - traveling U-bahn is a best idea, for tourist. Its comparatively very cheaper and convenient than other big cities in Europe.

There are many hostel in Berlin for young people, single or shared rooms sometimes even available below 10 euro / night. Most of the hostel is surrounded by Mai-Mai / Döner shops, and at day time - mobile food hawker - 1 wurst with bread for 1 euro. Most of the hostel include Früstück with their offer.

Second time, I was in Berlin for very short period, was also interesting. Will describe that - somewhere else.

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