Sunday, November 23, 2014

A short trip to Paris

It was more than seven months I was stuck at home, days and nights. So decide to go out from home, city, state or even country. Something I need new, charming, far (!) and ofcourse very cheap.

First thing for cheap travel is, you need a group, so I catch 3 more. All are my colleague at Uni, young, energetic and equally poor like me. As well its summer time, they all busy to collecting some money for winter ( kind of reptile principle). With my strong insist and threat, they give up one weekend for travel to beautiful and equally dirty / un-managed  city Paris.

Our plan was to get a mitfahrer ( a driver who kindly will drive us with very little money ) to Paris. It was very difficult to get one for 4 foreign people, and we didn't got any. Even an advertisement at mitfahrer brings no success. Now came second option - weekend ticket for Germany.

" You can buy Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket for 44 Euro valid from 00:00 to next day 03:00 (Sat & Sun) and able to travel round Germany with only Regional Train include S & U Bahn and I guess strassen Bahn (Tram)."

We started at 01:21 from Kiel, took seven stoppage and 13 hours to reach to Saarbrücken Hbf. On our way we meet, Ticket / Passenger checker trainee  fallen in infinite loop, 800 meters difference between two platform at Osnabrück Hbf, few nuclear plant like power generation plant, and few groups of old people - seems also traveling with Wochenende-Ticket (what's up with Young ppl??!!)  beautiful Rhain, Rhaine and its mountain pillar, grapes field beside Rhain, leisure fishing and fisherman at Rhain.

We'd no preplanned, no prearrangement of anything from Saarbrücken to Paris - endup at discovering our good luck. However, that's not quite rich and made few incident as -

a. 79 Euro via DB to Paris.
b. 600+ Euro via a Taxi
c. sweet cold Rain
d. group ticket with bus from Saarbrücken to Forbach is timed up
e. and at Forbach - learned a new way of public service; at weekend toilet remain closed

       -- Rest and story at Forbach to be continue ...

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