Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Collecting money via Moneygram through Specific Shopkeeper

1. Today I went to collect money via Moneygram

2. I went to Kiel in an Indian shop - "Himalaya Asia Shop"

3. I kept await for few mins.

4. I been asked for my Reference number, Name, Ausweis, Password, Address etc.

5. After putting all information in Moneygram portal - everything comes fine and accurate.

6. But, now Indian owner wants to re-justify me and my background (???!!!), What last name I could have, Why I have this last name, Why in Passport its not written according Moneygram .. bla bla bla.

7. Ofcourse, I tried to answer every question (Its money matter :(  )

8. Now, he refused to pay me.

9. As usual - threat and rude behavior with traditional headshaking.

10. Calling me cheater, fraud and threatening me for Polizei.

11. I went out, and called Polizei ( 110 )

12. 5 Mins later they arrived.

13. With my very low grade German, I was able to explain them my problem.

14. The shop keeper became so friendly, as friendly as - tried to kiss me.

15. However, I felt as nice as - I fucked his ass.

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