Sunday, August 5, 2012

Food wishlist back on Home

Tomorrow flying to Home (Bangladesh) and last half year me & my friend were planning for a food adventure, which comes with few of below foods -

Kacchi Biriyani - Main choice is from Old Town ( Dhaka ), Fakhruddin & Jhigatala Sunami Restaurent.

Morog-Polao ( Rice with Cock ) - Choice are Khilgaon Railgate Vai-Vai Restaurant and Nanna Biriyani house - Becharam Deuri.

Vuna-Khichuri ( Rice with pulse ) - from one & only Ghorowa Restaurent ( Motijheel, Dhaka )

Boti-Kabab from Mohammadpur (Birahi Camp) & Mirpur.

Tehari from Nilkhet Bazar. - Cheap, Testy - plates after plates.

The best sheek-kabab - can keep me eating with

Parata for hours after hours. Sometimes Parata with -

Nerahi (paya ) - and sometimes Nerahi with

Sometimes in evening -


With other other choices - 




Nothing but, hang around with friend by walking or by rickshaw, just took a little pack of


Why not something from home -

And sure first comes -

Warm Rice - with

With many different kinds of vorta.

with -

Dal-Khasi (Pulse & Mutton )

Or, panta-vat ( rice soaked in water ) and all vorta with ilish mas(fish) - as -

Why not some sweets -

Doi - Yogart.

Jilipi -

And all / any out of many

While walking down street after evening - you'll find many of these -


I'll keep my tongue busy testing these - though not so hygienic.

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  1. apnar ei list dekhe onek shanti pailam, ei rokom ekta home work ameo start korse, ame bhabtam amei e ekmatro je emon list nia deshe jaitese buvhukkher moto deshe khabar er jonno, but dekhe bhalo laglo shobar e desher tan ek e.