Sunday, July 29, 2012

Male Circumcision [ A German verdict ] and my "filthy" Imagination

A regional court in Germany gave verdict, not to do circumcision, until a male became that adult till he is able to decide it.

After reading this news, I got an image flash on my mind in sudden, which about The Netherlands tried to stop all religious slaughter of animal.

Curious reader may - start itching their head to discover the relation. Don't worry, in a line - I just want to say, IN MY POINT OF VIEW and GUESS - both of these two verdict came just not knowing some particular information.

Increasing fear and hate-ism on Islam and Muslim in Europe[don't bother me asking USA / Canada etc; they are just nothing but extension version of Europe] one thing happened  by underhand; i.e. people start reading Islam, start comparing it, and sure increasing their other believe against or in favor on it.

So, I guess, the verdict was an ignorance of not only for Muslim male its compulsory to do circumcision but also Jews are include here, and naturally thus bring both parties in one line. And, as its truly proved on scientific point of view that circumcision is healthy - so another stone against court decision. Definitely, rights to do circumcision to a baby will get back to their parents.

But, I'm thinking of a book, subjected "Commons between Jews & Muslim" - what is the business perspectives of this ?

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