Sunday, July 29, 2012

Germany - A land of corporate Fraud - 1

It was couple of experience with me in person - and let me to bring the subjected conclusion. Interested reader may compare with their experience. Today is my first experience.

1. A company named O2 - operating with proper noun - " Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG ". I've a prepaid SIM card from them (unfortunately I still have that, as the number given to many) which can be used for phone call and for INTERNET ( as the company claim ).

It was May '12 - 2011, I gave a blue-white Euro bank note ( 20 Euro ) to a O2 shop in Berlin HauptBahnhof for getting Internet [ 1 Gigabyte (german pronounce zigabyte) ] and get a printed paper back, written a code. However, the guy sitting behind the desk, don't know how to use that, and it need to check the flyer to get it known.

Alright, its  worked - only the code, not INTERNET. So, I ran to the shop and asked why? He took my mobile, try to check on his computer, and after few minutes - replied " It does take some time around 15/20 minutes ". - Sounds good, I checked a bakery - bought something, and pass 30 minutes to get the connection on. - NO LUCK.

Again ran back to the shop, after couple of check on computer and my mobile - he replied that, can't help me in this regards. He is to sell, and don't know how to use Internet on Mobile. Whole day - it not work, next day also not and never ever. [ Reader - please note, i've tried all settings it requried, i.e. APN, connection type etc ]

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