Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Schleswig-Holstein & North Sea Tour

Last Sunday, actually a lot to do, but I cought with lazy disease. I can't sit, I can't type, I can't read, even I can't concentrate to movie - so I made Schleswig Holstein tour. And honestly speaking, I'm cured from disease.

My first stop was in Friedrichstadt, a very little Town, about 400 years old. Friedrichstadt is established by Dutch settler, and made it a little Netherlands with Canals and Dutch style buildings.

Interesting thing about the city is, it started with population more / less 2500 inhabitant and for decades maintain it, however still total inhabitant is around 2500.


One of the oldest building in Friedrichstadt - 

And some chorus music. Behind a glance of buildings at port city (Dutch style).

Next my target was one of the oldest Church in Germany. St. Magnus Church (est. 1103) situated in very little city, Tating.

Open, wide as far as you can see. Beach in St. Peter-Ording. Two points - 1. little difficult to get parking in sunny / warm day, 2. Beautiful kite-surfing opportunity.

Visiting beach will cost some euro. As usual German Financial style, many different class of cost, depends on - Summer / Winter / 18- / 18+ etc. starting from 0.50 ~ 3.00 Euro.

In between St. Peter-Ording and Büsum, I stop-by at huge Eider Barrage. You can have a souvenir coin of Eidersperrwerk in Automat for 1.05 Euro.

At the end, Büsum. Little, beautiful and clam town. You will find a closed (not connected with sea), warm, nicely organized swimming pool. A big in-door swimming-pool with sauna, separate family area, water slide, water wave, etc. You can have boat connection to Helgoland from here.

In early morning, it is possible to buy fish direct from Fisherman.

Its late as about 20:00. Driving back to home - a lot of work to do.

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